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Monday, August 31, 2009

County Fair 2009

I went to the fair somewhat bummed because my dairy goat Kimber didn't end up being pregnant and freshening, so I assumed she wouldn't do well. I even debated whether to bring her. But she shocked us all with being Grand Champion for her Nigerian class. Then she took Reserved Champion over all the other Champion dairy goats, and she didn't even have an udder!
The judge was very impressed with her. I can't wait until next year!
My boer goats did well also. Bebe got auctioned and took 3rd out of 27. Pollyanna and AnnaMae got a special award that this was the first year it was given. I ended up selling the two does to make room for a new Nigerian. I will miss them. Enjoy Bethany! I just pray that the Lord provides me with the perfect goat!

I also really enjoyed hanging with all my good friends. Thanks Gracie for all your help! You are an awesome person!


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